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My story so far | Shivali.

My story so far | Shivali.

By Shivali Chopra

Foreword by Joseph Radhik

Shivali Chopra

When Shivali joined Stories, we were six of us sitting in a cosy 180sft office, today while she presents her work to the world we are in two offices in two cities with more than five times the number of team members. This phenomenal rise in the scale of our team though, is nothing compared to how Shivali has progressed as a photographer in this time. Blessed with a natural ability to shut out the world and zone in on a moment, her portfolio is full of ephemeral little slices of emotion captured at the right moment. Here's Shivali now!

MMy story with Stories opens way back in November 2012 when Joe answered a mail I sent him without an expectation of an answer. That is when my roller coaster ride began. From then on, it has been a crazy mix of things: the thrill of experiencing new things, the delight of travelling and the sheer joy of creating something beautiful that's full of memories and colour and fairy lights :)

It never was just another job I took up right after college, it has involved several major factors; like moving to a different city, having (and learning) independence , being responsible for myself and finding my own identity. I made new friends who soon became family, travelled to places I'd never gone to before, took photos of my chappals (more on this later, trust me!), ate a whole lot of cupcakes, learnt a lot of new things art and skill-wise, and obviously became an integral part of a lot of intimate and special days for a bunch of very pretty people.

People ask me why I shoot weddings; two years on, and the answer hasn't changed one bit. I do it for the great high and creative satisfaction you get from the energy, the madness and the incredible happiness at a wedding. Nothing else has come close.

Vinati & Pierre | Beach wedding in Goa.

Vinati & Pierre | Beach wedding in Goa.

Sujith + Spoorthi